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Vibrant Coloured Aluminium Pet Id Tags at Bulk Value Prices 

Our extensive aluminium pet identification tags come in all shapes, sizes and colours. From hearts to bones to barrels to cats in reds and greens and black and blues and pinks and purples. The number of combinations is endless with something for every breed of cat, dog and horse.

Rotary engraved with a diamond tip the engraving is usually in a contrasting silver colour.

The great news is that our aluminium tags are now available in volume quantities offering great discounts. Perfect for homes with lots of pets, dog walking services, kennels and pet friendly accommodation

At petidtagsexpress we strive to offer an unbeatable range of tags, with great quality engraving, super quick service and value. We're constantly monitoring our prices and one way that we can offer great value is with volume bulk-buy pet tags from 5 to 200 tags 

Let us know if we can help you with your choice of pet id tags - you can email us at info@bellgiftgroup.com or call us on 01736 350274