Engraving Guide

Pet Tag Engraving Guide 

At Pet Id Tags Express we use a variety of machines to custom engrave our tags. Mostly we use the latest technology machines to diamond engrave your inscriptions. This allows us to achieve a deeper-engraving. On occasions a laser engraver is used but our experience has taught us that the diamond engraving option is more durable and longer-lasting.

Are the pet tags deep-engraved?

Some of the tags are deep engraved, yes. Some of the fashion pet identity tags have a lighter engraving due to the material which will not take deep-engraved inscriptions. We engrave all of our tags as deep as possible and to achieve the most durable finish. How long the engraving will last can depend on the tag, the use and the environment it is exposed to. If you have any questions about the durability of pet tags please contact us so that we can advise you of the pet tag most suited to your pet, your lifestyle and the environment it will be used in.

Can I change the font on my pet tag?

Yes, you can. For many of our tags we offer a font option. If your selected tag doesn’t have this option but you would like an alternative font then please let us know.

What font do you use on the pet tags?

We find that Bookman, Sego and Arial fonts work best and give a clear engraving result but we can do others. Most common fonts are compatible with our engraving software. If you’d prefer an alternative font then just let us know.

How will the engraving appear on the pet tag?

We engrave your pet tags with the inscription as you enter it into our system. We don’t correct spelling, grammar or add capital letters because sometimes our customers spell things in a particular way.

Your tag engraving may appear differently to our images because the size of the engraving will depend on the number or characters that you choose. The more characters and the more lines of text, the smaller the engraving will appear on the tag

We centre all text onto the tag

Can you engrave special characters onto my Pet tag?

Sometimes we can. We can engrave most common accented letters but some are not recognised by our software. If you would like to check this with us then please do contact us so we can advise you.

Please contact us on 01736 350 274 or info@bellgiftgroup.com as soon as you can. Please identify your order and provide a brief description of the problem so that we can assist you as quickly as possible.

How much text can I put on my tag?

That depends on which pet tag you choose. Some can be engraved on one side, some on both and the number of characters and lines depends on the tag size and it's design features.

We provide a character limit and line limit for each of our tags. This is our advised maximum limit. Remember pet tags are relatively small items and the more characters and the more lines that you use, the smaller the text will appear on the actual tag. 

We automatically adjust the position and the size of each inscription on each tag to achieve the best result if you would like your text to appear legible and clear we recommend that you use only essential information.

Many customers have two tags which allows for more of the fun information or additional non-essential information to be inscribed on the 2nd pet tag. Keep engraved text as short as possible, or the font size will decrease

Can I customise my pet tag?

Yes, you can. All of our pet tags can be customised with a name, and details. For many of our tags we offer a font option. If your selected tag doesn’t have this option but you would like an alternative font then please let us know. We can also add icons such as hearts or stars etc so let us know if you’d like something special on your tag. Many of our plain tags can have logos or designs engraved onto them, if you’d like this option then please get in touch.

Can I add a logo or icon to my tag?

Yes you can to most of our pet id tags but some materials work better than others and it can depend on the complexity of the logo. Lt us know your idea and we’ll be happy to help to make it a reality. We may charge a set up fee for importing and configuring 

Questions about engraving Pet ID Tags 

If we can answer and questions about our tags, how we engrave them, their durability then please do contact us info@bellgiftgroup.com 01736 799089 one of our trained advisors will be happy to advise you on the most suitable tag for you and your pet and work with you to achieve the perfect engraving on your pet id tag.