Choosing a Pet Tag

As the U.K’s largest Pet Tag store, we engrave and dispatch thousands of pet name discs every year. Our tags for cats, dogs and horses are shipped around the world, far and wide.

Here’s some handy tips to consider when choosing a tag for your pets, based on our experience and the feedback of our many happy customers.

What breed and size of dog, cat or horse is the tag for?

Pet tags come in a range of sizes and are made from different materials. You should match the size of the tag to your dog . Ideally a dog tag should not get in the way or obstruct your dog's free movement or impede agility. Your dog should not be able to reach its tag nor chew on it. We all know that dogs love to chew!

Some tags may be too heavy for smaller pets whilst for larger dogs and working dogs you are advised to consider a more robust tag.

What environment will the pet tag be exposed to?

For harsh environments including frequent exposure to mud and wet conditions outside of normal domestic walkies we would recommend a stainless steel tag.

If your pet swims in rivers, lakes or the sea, again we would recommend a stainless steel tag as it is more durable and is more likely withstand the elements in the water.  

If your pet lives outdoors a solid brass or stainless steel pet id tag would be a good choice

If your pet has some exposure to the elements but not prolonged then our standard tags will be more than adequate for your needs

If you have more than one pet and they have a tendency to chew it is not unusual for dogs to chew each other's tags. Chewing will affect the longevity and durability of any pet tag.

For domestic pets any choice from our range will be suitable.

How often will the tag be worn?

Some pets wear a tag at all times whilst others just when outside of the home. This can alter the demands of the tag to endure and its wear.

For light use and relatively sedentary then any choice from our extensive range of Pet tags will meet your needs.

What is your lifestyle with your pet?

If you are particularly active engaging in outdoor sports, pursuits, water activities particularly in harsh and demanding environments then a stainless steel or solid brass pet tag is strongly recommended to withstand every thing that will thrown at it.

How much information do you want to put on your pet's tag?

The more information that you wish to have engraved onto your pet id tag the larger the tag recommended for it to be legible and clear. A double-sided tag is a good choice if you have a lot of details to communicate.

Do you prefer a Lightweight tag?

Our anodised aluminium pet tags offer a rainbow of colours, shapes and sizes. They are the lightest tags in our range but have good durability. So if it's a light weight tag that you're after then we would recommend that you consider an aluminium pet tag for your dog or cat.