Collar and Lead Set Brown Spot

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Save with our Ancol branded collar and lead set 

Timeless polka pattern sturdy nylon material

Nylon is a strong, lightweight and weatherproof material that is durable and flexible, meaning a long-lasting collar and lead that is comfortable for your dog. The Perfect Polka Collar features a quick-release buckle for speedy removal and an adjuster to ensure your dog's collar is the perfect fit. The collar also features a sturdy, satin-finish D-ring for easy lead attachment. 
The spotty Lead features a sturdy trigger hook for easy lead attachment. 
This lead measures 1 metre in length and 19mm in width. The recommended maximum weight for this lead is 50kg
This collar comes in 2 sizes.
size 1-2 measures 20-30cm.
size 2-5 measure 30-50cm

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